Sunday, October 2, 2011

FALL is coming!

So I know I've been a slack ass.  Travel has been slow and I haven't been tending to you guys as well as I should.  However, I found an amazing vegan breakfast sandwich from a fellow blogger and, as a means of playing blog catch-up, I'm gonna do what I didn't really want to do.  Post. a. RECIPE!  So here goes.

Let me preface the recipe by saying: Dude, I know this looks weird.  I know.  Pumpkin and sausage?  SERIOUSLY?!  Yes.  Pumpkin and sausage.  Don't question the awesome, just stuff it in your face ok?

pumpkin-breakfast-sandwich46--.jpg (564×524)
Does seeing the yummy help?  Reconcile it in your brain.  DO IT NOW!
A few tips first: I want to make this during the week too but I don't have NEARLY the amount of time I would need to do all this cooking on a week day.  So I made the package of GimmeLean sausage into about 6 patties and cooked them all at once (cause English muffins come 6 to a pack...see how that works?).  

Yummy yummy breakfast sausages!
I also made a whole bunch of pumpkin butter so I could use the whole can of pumpkin.  I effectively doubled the recipe for the butter.  Cause can you ever really have TOO much pumpkin butter?  Only if you're a fascist. (Hitler disapproves of your excessive pumpkin butter!)  So let's begin!

Jack-o-Pumpkin Breakfast Sandwich
makes 1 sandwich with leftover pumpkin butter

Part One: Pumpkin Maple Butter
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
1 Tbsp maple syrup (grade B is my preference)
2 tsp olive oil
pinch of sea salt (truffle salt is even better)
Optional: dash of pumpkin pie spice for spiced complex flavors

to make: heat in microwave for 30 seconds, stir well.

Part Two: Sandwich Ingredients
1 patty vegan sausage - GimmeLean brand used here
-> brush patty with olive oil and fine black pepper

1/2 cup sliced mushrooms
-> brush with olive oil, salt and pepper

1 thick slice vegan Monterey Jack cheese, I used Follow Your Heart brand

1/4 cup chopped fresh arugula

1 English muffin, whole wheat

2-3 Tbsp pumpkin butter (from above - serve more on the side if you'd like)

optional: 1 tsp hot sauce or dash of cayenne (for heat)

To Make:

note: I use a panini press to do all my grilling - you could also use a saute pan - grill press helps too.

1. Toast/grill muffin.
2. Grill/press vegan sausage patty. Grill mushrooms.
3. I add the cheese to the cooked patty - then top with the mushrooms and press down my panini press. This prevents the cheese from sticking to the press, but allows it to melt between the shrooms and patty.
4. Assemble: Slather each side of muffin wit your warmed pumpkin butter. Add patty, mushrooms and arugula. Close top. Slice and serve warm.

Let me know what you guys think of this.  I inhaled mine and it was delicious.  I had to handle the sandwich with care because I will say, the pumpkin butter makes the innards want to squirt out the back like a push pop.  So be careful and enjoy! 

(I got the original recipe from the blog:  Her blog is awesome if you like to cook and I HIGHLY recommend it.)