Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dream of Californication

SoCal.  Despite traveling for three years now, I have yet to visit this 75 degreed, year round paradise.  As a vegan, I think they revoke your card if you don't go at least once...  Anyway, I figured what better place to find awesome and healthy vegan food than a place where 90 lbs vegan "actresses" run around.  (Megan Fox bitching about being too skinny as a vegan...hooker)  Let's ignore for the moment that they are merely subsisting off salad and a steady coke habit.  Coke is vegan, right?...  But I digress.

 First stop was in  Carlsbad, California at The Naked Cafe (thenakedcafe.com).

From first glance this place screams "O. M. G., we are SO environmentally conscious!" so much so that you expect the chairs to be covered in dirty hippie skins.  The walls and tables are lined with bamboo wood and cork and it seems like this place has every energy efficient build-out you could find.  

Looking at the menu this place does serve meaty treats but their alternatives mostly focuses on vegetarian options, though they do have some vegan fare built into the menu (and gluten free if that's your thing).  

I have to say, I went here because someone online talked about their AMAZING breakfasts.  Well sorry vegan kiddos, no alternatives that let you carb-out like the runner up to Ms. America the day after the pageant.  All the pancakes and french toast have egg.  But they have lots of Mexican themed food...oh joy...cause, as a Texan, I needed MORE Mexican breakfast items...

I chose to have the Yin and Yang made vegan (without the sour cream or the cheese) and a french press coffee.

While my companion had The OM made with tofu. 
*Warning - The OM is made with honey so it is not vegan!*

The food was good.  The potatoes had a nice crisp on them but, in the long run, it makes a fancy potato and bean taco.  Not that there's anything wrong with that per se.  Just nothing that makes me want to jump up and down.  The coffee leaves something to be desired, especially considering the hefty price tag. Tasted a little more like something I could get at work than free-trade, fresh brewed.  They have a pretty extensive drink list on the menu.  Lots of coffees and teas along with some smoothies thrown in for good measure.  Hmmmm, should have gone with the tea I think...

Overall, this place had a pretty large selection and was very tasty.  The waitress seemed to be very familiar with what on the menu can be easily made vegan, and they have staples like soy milk for your coffee.  They have 4 locations around San Diego so they're convenient enough to guilt your meat eater friends into going somewhere you can eat damn it!

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